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2. How can I pay for my order using PayPal?
3. Why was my payment declined?
4. How can I change my credit card information?
5. How can I change the payment type for my order?
6. My invoice has a qualified electronic signature. What does this mean?
7. How can I pay for my order using WebMoney?
8. The qualified electronic signature is invalid - What does this mean?
9. What payment types are available?
10. How do I pay by credit or debit card?
Why was my payment declined?
Several reasons may have caused the payment for your order to be declined:

Credit card payment: After an internal review for protection against the illegal use of credit card data it was determined that your order cannot be processed any further.
Furthermore, your information may have been entered incorrectly, or there may have been technical problems during the transmission of your data resulting in your order not having been paid.

Online wire transfer or PayPal payment: Due to a lack of feedback from a third party, such as your bank, your payment could not be confirmed.

In all cases, MyCommerce Share-It will notify you of your order and payment status via e-mail.

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