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1. How do I order online as a returning customer?
2. How can I order online as a new customer?
How do I order online as a returning customer?
When you placed your first order via MyCommerce Share-It's systems, a customer account was automatically created for you. For this customer account, your login information consists of a user ID and your password, with your predefined user ID being derived from your e-mail address.

Generally, you select your own password when you decide to create a customer account. If you are not offered this option during the order process, we still create a customer account and generate a password for you. You can reset your password at any time by clicking on "Forgot password?" in the Customer Care Center.

When you return to MyCommerce Share-It's systems to place an order, you will generally be asked for your login information at the beginning of the order process. Once you enter your user ID and password, our system will recognize you, and you will be able to view and/or correct your personal data directly, which will speed up your order process.

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