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1. How can I pay for my order using PayPal?
2. How can I pay for my order using WebMoney?
3. How do I pay by credit or debit card?
4. How do I pay by wire transfer?
5. How do I pay by check?
How do I pay by wire transfer?
Please transfer the invoice amount to the account listed in the e-mail or in the order process.

We will send you the required wire transfer information with your order confirmation by e-mail after your order has been received by our system. Please do not make a payment before you have received this order confirmation. This will allow us to correctly allocate your payment to your order.

Please ask your bank about fees possibly charged for an international wire transfer, and add the fees to your invoice amount. We can only process payments received in full.

Products will be delivered once your payment has been deposited in our account. Products to be delivered electronically will generally be available to you immediately or no more than 48 hours later; shipping of physical products will generally be initiated immediately.

Online wire transfer
Customers in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Finland can transfer funds directly via online banking when ordering online if they already use this banking option. The requirements for each online payment process are listed in the order process. In this case, product delivery is generally initiated immediately, just as with credit card payments.

We recommend that customers in the U.S. and Canada pay by credit card or check to avoid delays in transferring funds to one of our European accounts.

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